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What Can You Store With Us?
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As our previous article mentioned, we offer winter storage during our off season. But what are you able to store with us? We will give you a quick rundown of all the things you can store with Camp Kootenay River.

What Can I Store?

RV and Boat Storage

Unless you plan to go winter camping at our sister site, your RV should stay stored away with us. No need to have it take up valuable space in your own driveway. The same goes for boats, our storage space can accommodate boats of all sizes. Inquire now if you have any questions.


If you aren’t using your trailer in the snow, think about storing it with us. With our low rates, you won’t find a better storage option in the area.

ATV’s and Dirt bikes

We can accommodate all sizes of dirt bikes and ATVs. Even if you need to use these vehicles sometimes during winter, you can easily pick up and drop them off at our storage location. Located right on the campsite, you will have easy access.

Personal Belongings

We have secure container storage for those seasonal items you don’t need in the winter. This can be anything from summer camping supplies to mountain bikes. All our storage containers are located on the property. When the spring and summer season starts, simply come pickup your stuff and be ready to go!

Ready to get some winter storage? Book online right here.

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