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Seasonal and Long-Term Camping Sites
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At Camp Kootenay River, we offer seasonal camping. There are many benefits to choosing to rent for an entire season rather than one weekend at a time. The convenience of having your own spot the entire season is well worth it!

Benefits of Renting a Seasonal Camping Spot

It’s Your Spot For the Season

Choose your spot, and it’s yours to use how you like throughout the entire camping season. If you book far enough in advance, you will have your pick of the best spots we have to offer. You can simply drive your RV up once and leave it there. No more wasting gas and time hauling it back and forth.

Get a Sense of Community

Join the many others who choose to stay at Camp Kootenay River for the entire season. Our seasonal campers have a strong sense of community, and you will create friendships to last a lifetime.

Rest Assured Your Things Are Secure

You can leave knowing that all your things, RV’s, toys, Equipment etc. are safe and secure within our campsite. There are lots of caring folks around the campsite, including the staff who will be watching out for your stuff.

You Never Miss a Long-Weekend

No more worrying about where you are going to go when it comes to a vacation. When all the other campsites are full, your spot will be waiting for you. This peace of mind is something that becomes so very important as the camping season ramps up.

At Camp Kootenay River, we are only able to accommodate a certain number of seasonal camping spots, so make sure you book yours early. Get a full list of our campsite amenities right here.

To inquire about a seasonal camping spot with us, please contact us at:

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