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Glamping is The Ultimate Outdoor Experience
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The glamping outdoor experience brings the best parts of home and the best parts of nature together. At Camp Kootenay River, we strive to make every glamping experience a special one. Let’s break down how exactly glamping triumphs over all types of camping.

The Glamping Experience

Get to Know The Yurt

What we have at Camp Kootenay is known as a yurt. These are created with canvas and are spacious yet cozy. They can easily accommodate groups of people. Inside you will find beds (no need to bring sleeping bags), pillows and electricity. You should have everything you need right inside.


Black Sheep Camp Kootenay is all about unique experience. Our site offers experiences both on the water and on the land.


  • Fishing
  • Kayak the headwaters of the Columbia River system
  • Paddle board the canals
  • Floating down and jet ski on the Kootenay River
  • Swim at Columbia Lake
  • Waterski and surf on Columbia Lake
  • Laze at the Beach at Tilley Park


  • Hiking & Walking endless trails (see below)
  • Mountain Biking. Cycling. eBiking
  • ATV access to recreation
  • Direct access to crown land
  • Community campfire
  • Open space. Horseshoes. Bocce ball

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike RV camping or staying in a hotel, glamping outdoors offers the environmentally friendly alternative. By choosing the glamping option, you are choosing to do your part to help the planet.

Ready to book your next glamping trip? Choose Black Sheep Camp Kootenay River today!

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