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Pet Friendly Glamping in BC
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One major benefit of glamping is that you can bring your pet with you! Many hotels have a no-pet friendly policy, outside service animals. If they do allow pets, you might be charged a premium. At Black Sheep Camp Kootenay River, your pet is always welcome!

Glamping With Your Pet

Time Together

As the saying goes, a pet is a small part of your life, but you are your pet’s entire life. It’s important to spend quality time together. By being able to take a vacation with your furry friend, you can create an even stronger bond.

Much Needed Exercise

Many of our pets don’t get the exercise they really need. Life is busy and you don’t always have time. When you bring your best friend with you glamping, you two can enjoy all the exercise that you need! Take a swim in the river or explore the many hiking trails around the area. Findlay Falls Trail is a great starting point if you’re new to hiking.

Unwind From The World

The best part of glamping with your pet is that you can finally unwind. Believe or not, pets can feel stress just like you and nature can do wonders to relieve it. A simple change of scenery and the fresh air can literally melt away stress for the both of you.

Ready to experience all we have to offer with your furry friend? Book a glamping tent today!

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